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Tile Calculator

This map can show several base maps. Use the (+) icon on the top right to switch base layers and overlays.

The Tile Calculator offers the possibility to get memory usage and the number of tiles of a certain selection. By default the selection contains Germany. To change the selection you can adjust the rectangle by clicking and dragging the modificators which are at the edges and in the middle of the vertices. To move the whole rectangle just do the same somewhere inside of the rectangle.

The mean tile sizes given in the table on the right side of the map is based on all tiles, which have been calculated by us by that time (the database will be recalculated approximately every 4 weeks). The mean values of all rendered tiles within the rectangle build the basis for the mean values you've been provided with. That is the reason why it is possible that rectangles which only cover a few rendered tiles may have biased values. It is not possible the see how many tiles have been taken into account. Just keep in mind that areas which have been visited more often (like London downtown) will likely have better approximations than an unknown island with lots of sea around.

Specifying the bounding box

You can specify your bounding box with the coordinates in the URL in order to share it with others or to set a bookmark.

If you take a look at the URL you will see something like this:


The parameter section in the URL is introduced by '#' and the parameters themselves are separated by '&'. The parameters are:

'type' The current map you see right now.
'bbox' Displays the current coordinates in the bounding box in the following order:
left, bottom, right, top
'grid' Is optional and can be set to 0 or 1 to enable or disable the grid view.

You can choose between the three following base layers.

Base Layers

Geofabrik Standard OpenStreetMap data rendered with Mapnik from official tile server
Geofabrik German OpenStreetMap data rendered with the German map style
Geofabrik Topo Style

Tile coordinates

The tile coordinates overlay shows the borders between map tiles and the x and y coordinates and zoom level of each tile.