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This map can show several base maps. Use the (+) icon on the top right to switch base layers and overlays.

Base Layers

Geofabrik Geofabrik map based on OpenStreetMap data in three different styles (standard, german, topo)
Mapnik OpenStreetMap data rendered with Mapnik from official tile server
CycleMap Cycle map based on OpenStreetMap data (Source: opencyclemap.org)

Tile coordinates

The tile coordinates overlay shows the borders between map tiles and the x and y coordinates and zoom level of each tile.


Click anywhere on the map to set the marker. If there was already a marker on the map it will be removed first. You can only have one marker at a time. Remove a marker by clicking on the icon that appears on the bottom of the map if a marker is shown. You can also modify the coordinates in the URL to move the Marker to a specific position.

Coordinates display

While moving the map you can see (and even modify) the current coordinates in the URL of your browser. When you press 'Enter' the map moves to the specified coordinates. The URL has the following format:

e.g.: https://tools.geofabrik.de/map/#Geofabrik_Standard/13/49.0091/8.4100

Additionally you can see the current coordinates of your cursor and your zoom level at the bottom right.

Show area on other maps

If you choose a map from the list in the bottom left corner your browser will open that map page showing the same position as on the current map. For web sites that support it, a marker will also be shown if you had a marker open.

Open current view in JOSM, ID or Potlatch

If you have a running JOSM with the RemoteControl plugin and you are on zoom level 14 or higher, you can click on the little icon on the bottom (the one with the J in it) to zoom JOSM to your current map view.

For ID-editor or Potlatch click on the icon with the 'I' in it for the ID-editor and the icon with the 'P' in it for Potlatch. For those editors you don't have to have anything running.

Linking to this map

Just copy the URL and you are good to go.