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Map Compare

Map Compare shows you different maps from OpenStreetMap, Google, or HERE, side by side. Use the drop down menus over the maps to choose the map type for each map. You can move and zoom any map as usual and the other map will follow. Hold down the shift key and move the mouse to zoom in to that area.

You can save the link named Permalink to always return to this page with the same map types and position.

Here are some shortcuts:

Press 'f' to toggle fullscreen
Press '+' or '-' to zoom in or out
Press '1','2','3','4','6' or '8'    to show that number of maps
Press 'p' to create a permalink

The map types

Geofabrik Geofabrik map style
Geofabrik (de) Same as above, but with the German map style
Geofabrik Topo Geofabrik topological map
OSM Carto OpenStreetMap data rendered with OpenStreetMap Carto from official tile server
OSM Carto (de)   Same as above, but with the German map style
OSM Humanitarian   OpenStreetMap data rendered optimized for humanitarian purposes
Google Map Google street map
Google Satellite Google satellite and aerial photos
Google Hybrid Google street map overlaid over satellite and aerial photos
HERE Map HERE street map
HERE Satellite HERE satellite and aerial photos
HERE Hybrid HERE street map overlaid over satellite and aerial photos
HERE Terrain HERE street map with hill shading
Hike & Bike A map with hillshading meant primarily for hiking and biking
OSM CycleMap Cycle map based on OpenStreetMap data (Source: opencyclemap.org)
Stamen Toner Open source map style produced by stamen design using black & white only
Wanderreitkarte Wanderreitkarte is a map with trails for horseback riding.
ÖPNV-Karte ÖPNV-Karte is a map which focuses on public transportation

Comparison with Google Maps is for informational purposes only. Do not use information from Google Maps to edit OpenStreetMap data.

Geofabrik thanks BBBike for their improvements to the JavaScript code.